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    Data loss without any back up in your computer is a painful loss, especially on very crucial data. If you are worried about the files that you lost or deleted […]

  • Five Best Free Data Recovery Tools

      Five best free data recovery tools Data loss can come at a very critical time when you need to use important pictures, documents or files of any other kind. […]

  • SkyKick to Offer Microsoft Partners Free Backup of Cloud Data

    Yes, this is no rumor anymore. Microsoft Partners has partnered with the award-winning cloud management company (SkyKick) to offer Azure IUR (internal use right) SkyKick cloud back up which is […]

  • How to recover data with 1 simple tool

      Your file(s) just went missing You are a business exec and you are writing a 50-page business analysis for a presentation you have to give the next morning and […]

  • How to salvage data from a hard drive

      Imagine you are doing your office work or school work on your machine and you want to view some saved documents on your external hard drive. On connecting it […]

  • Easy Way to Recover Lost Your Data

    Easy way to recover your lost data Data can get lost without your knowledge. Once you discover what has happened, you should take quick action to ensure that you recover […]

  • How to make your online data secure

      How to make your online data secure Storing data online can be very efficient, but at the same time risky, but if you compare it with other forms of […]

  • Understanding the Costs of SSD Data Recovery

      Data recovery companies have built a reputation for recovering data lost from any storage device. However special concerns are met when recovering data from self-encrypted storage devices like SSD. […]