Apple account holders to receive iCloud Encryption key management

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data recovery, from whichever point you look at this from, the idea that apple is planning to give users their own encryption keys that protect their iCloud account may be a bad one or a good one.

data recovery in Orlando For those with the habit of losing their passwords, this shouldn’t be good news. For those who like their privacy actually private, then this may be one of the best news they will receive. 

data recovery in OrlandoIn the past, apple have been keeping the encryption key to your iCloud account password to themselves. This means that they could access the account at any time if they felt like and if need arose.

data recovery in Orlando Recently, however, according to press releases by Apple, the company is planning to give the encryption keys to the users and do away with the burden that comes with storing them. But what implication does this have to the users and to the company itself?

data recovery in OrlandoFirst, it will not give you the chance to forget your password as you will completely loose access to your account if you do. This is because it is the encryption key that Apple used to use in case one wants to recover their lost passwords. 

data recovery in OrlandoA clash between the country and the security service is also likely to occur in case Apple goes ahead with this plan. As it was made clear before, Apple could access your account details just using the encryption key.

data recovery in Orlando The security services such as the FBI could therefore issue a warrant to Apple if they wanted to access one’s account and Apple would comply and use the key.

data recovery in Orlando The FBI and the government do know the significance of Apple managing this key and that is why they may be reluctant to allow Apple to go ahead with its plans. 

data recovery in OrlandoHowever, on the positive side, absolutely no one will be able to access your account. This means that your own privacy will be assured. Instances such as celebrities complaining their accounts have been compromised and crucial data extracted would likely never be heard.

data recovery in Orlando The biggest downside with this is that you will no longer have anywhere to run to in the event that you forget your password. This means that iCloud account holders will have to come up with other ways to ensure that their password is never lost. 

data recovery in OrlandoThis can create more security issues. People may opt to use simpler passwords that are easier to hack just because they fear forgetting complex passwords. Most may be tempted to use the regular normal passwords that they use on all other applications and accounts.

data recovery in Orlando This will make it easier for hackers to compromise accounts in case they have the password to just a single account. It is therefore difficult to tell if Apple giving iCloud account holders their encryption keys is a wise or poor decision by the IT company.