Data Direct Launches New Parallel-File Storage Appliance

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Appliances are the machines that  Data Direct Launches are responsible for handling different types of workloads. The GS7KTM Parallel File System Appliance is designed to do a whole more than just handling workloads.

 It is a parallel file system package that includes enterprise features. It also offers the best network-attached storage which is NAS access and high quality cloud-tiering capability. This new appliance has big data-handling capabilities and it was launched by Data Direct. 

Traditional NAS systems have many limitations. Molly Rector is the company’s Chief Marketing Officer. HPC technology is essential to businesses. The corporate U.S. uses concepts of big data and leveraging value in their information sets.

 This is done by using analytics. The GS7K appliance is an embedded PFS appliance. It includes a real-time SFA storage operating system. It allows data to be mixed between the media. You can get the appliance right now and it has been designed specially for the data-intensive industries. 

Data Direct strives in designing state-of-the-art HPC and Big Data solutions. Some great solutions provided to companies from Data Direct are EXAScaler and IME. These are available online now.

 This company frequently announces their excellent solutions through the media. Product bundles are also available. The bundles are helpful for big data analytics use cases. The bundle is the GS7K. It is pre-configured with the General Parallel File System (GPFS by IBM.) 

Storage trends for 2016 are becoming more and more common as businesses want to ensure their essential data is secure and protected. A useful guide to help scale out NASis available online. GS7K is excellent for industries like financial services, life science and more.

 Data Direct is highly skilled and experienced in creating Parallel file systems that differ from the traditional NAS file systems. It saves the client hassle, time, and money combined.

 Data Direct can be found listed in the online business directory for easy contact or you may go directly to their website. They offer the best and most advanced solutions for using a single file system across many physical controller and storage nodes. 

Facebook is a social media site that has experienced national security issues and Data Direct creates the best software and hardware to r=prevent these things from happening.

Data Direct offers technical support 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Signing for their services online will take just a few minutes.